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Kramer: You put my life's stories in his autobiography?

Elaine: Kramer, ahem, remember that whole deal with you selling Peterman your stories for his book and then he gave them back to you? Elaine: Well I was kind of, hehehe, short on material and I, um, I put them in the book anyway.

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George: All right, let me ask you something: When do you start to worry about ear hair? Let me ask you this: Do you know where Walker Street is downtown?

Ear puberty, nose puberty, knuckle puberty, you gotta be vigilent.

George: They got a new intern from Francis Louis High.

Kramer searches in Jerry's couch for something and picks it up. Kramer hurriedly puts the cushions back on the couch.

Episode 155 Transcribed by: Matt Dittloff Cast: Jerry Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld (well, duh!

) George Castanza Jason Alexander Elaine Benes Julia Louis-Drefus Kramer Michael Richards Guest Stars: Mary Anne Rena Sofer Alex Melinda Clarke Jiffy Dump Guy Chaim Jeraffi Rebecca Sonya Eddy Bag Guy Barry Kramer Book Fan Elayn Taylor Girl Paige Moss Old Woman Viola Kates Simpson Rider Jack Riley Rider Bunny Summers Rider Earl Carroll Rider Norman Brenner Foreign Guy Reuven Bar Passerby Vince Donvito Passerby Chris Burmester Man Deck Mc Kenzie Bartender Victoria Fischer Guy Keith Sellon-Wright ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Jerry and George walking down the street.

So I can stand here like an idiot not knowing if you'll ever come back?

For new pants, there's noticable wear on the buttocks of those chinos.

Mr Peterman: You're that gangly fellow we bought the stories from.

Woman: I can't believe somebody pulled the top off of this muffin.

There's enough juice here to keep us all fat and giggley.


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