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There is a particular affinity with tube amplifier even if the power is microscopic (2,5 W). Furthermore, they can be placed near the back wall more so than most speakers so it won't infringe on your lifestyle.

I used it with a single ended 2A3 amplifier with a optimum performance. I don't think you can really go wrong with this speaker at a discounted price, which shouldn't be to hard to find.

Ultimately, the Celestions will go in my bedroom, but I've now decided to replace the KEF's with a pair of Magnepans.

These speakers would make an excellent choice for a budding audiophile on a tight budget.

I occasionally see these (as well as the larger 7's) for sale on Ebay.

If you were intending to spend, say, $500 on a pair of monitors and happen to come across these, buy these instead.

With the money you'll save you can invest in a pair of good stands, a great set of cables (I'd recommend MIT's), and maybe you'll save enough to even buy a power conditioner or other good interconnects for the rest of your system.

***The stands I am using were purchased at Circuit City for 0 per pair. They are very smooth, detailed and above all unoffensive sounding (the plight of many high end speakers trying to be dynamic and/or detailed).

The brand is Omni Mount and are actually quite good when filled with lead shot. This loudspeaker are economic but good in this class. It is very important to choose the right amplifier: it must be of good quality, the power is not important. I've got it running on a harman/kardon receiver and am amazed that it sounds as smooth as it does; receivers in general have a way of being harsh sounding.

I bought these over Ebay having once heard the smaller Celestion 3's.

0 per pair should be an average price for a pair of these in good condition.

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