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Pick up the album with 2 exclusive tracks available only at Cracker Barrel! Our friends Reverb are joining us on TOUR DE COMPADRES and looking for a few folks to help at each show.

Help spread REVERB’s message of sustainability in music, support One World Health, and eliminate single use plastic bottles with our hydration stations.

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From the outside looking in, the life of a touring artist is glamorous, but for anyone who has insight into the true toils of road life, you know it’s not quite as attractive as it seems.

With all the challenges it presents—long stints away from family, grueling schedules, isolation—the biggest obstacle for NEEDTOBREATHE’s Bo Rinehart might surprise you.

“I think the biggest challenge is having a brother in the band,” Rinehart shares. That takes its toll, but we’ve come to the understanding that’s what makes our music great. It really challenges us to write better, play better and to not have our standards fall short.” The band—11 years strong and made up of brothers Bo and Bear Rinehart and friends Seth Bolt and Joe Stillwell—have increasingly high standards that are self-imposed.

Win the trip of a lifetime for you and a friend to see NEEDTOBREATHE at any venue on their upcoming tour!

Prize details: Flights and accommodations for you and a friend Tickets to a show of your choosing between September 1st - November 12th All you have to do to enter is follow the Topsify Adult Al...

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, are currently on tour with Taylor Swift and released their self-proclaimed “career album” two weeks ago.

Life is good for NEEDTOBREATHE—but the journey hasn’t always been easy.

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