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Services of the dating sites are very popular and the demand is growing rapidly. According to various estimates its annual turnover is about $ 20 billion a year. There are services having nothing in common with the dating, but in every way proving their necessity in the industry. They "spoil the blood" not only to customers but also the site owners.

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Now, we won’t comment on whether one such list or another is telling the truth; we’ll leave that determination up to you and your own personal experiences.

What we can do, however, is share some tips to help you sort out the facts from fiction.

Today, everyone knows about the advantages that the Internet gives people who want to meet for marriage.

Without a doubt, you can likely find negative comments made about any company or organization if you look for it.

Just as easily, you can find websites claiming that the moon landing was staged, Elvis is still alive and the Earth is actually flat.

Everyone has an opinion and, with the increasing availability of internet access and the ease in setting up a free homepage of your very own, everyone has the ability to share their opinion, unchecked, with the entire world.It does not seem to matter whether the information is truthful or accurate; opinion is paraded as “fact” without any regard to the possible repercussions. The most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen looking into the camera, her emails to you over the past months professing her undying love and now she says she’s ready to take your relationship to the next level.Yet, in the back of your mind, you can’t shake the nagging suspicion that it’s all too good to be true.“No one that young and beautiful could ever really love me like she says she does,” you tell yourself.So, like many others, you search the internet for proof that that your suspicions are founded and that the young lady who claims to love you really has ulterior motives.


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