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The Mc Cartney couple came to Fairmont in 1994 to launch Linda’s line of vegetarian TV dinners.

The display features some boxes from her dinners and several quality photographs from their visit to Fairmont.

The Carlson Room is home to many of our larger display items such as the first motorized fire truck in Martin County, a 1923 American La France Fire truck (Learn more about it here! We also have on display an Iron Lung which was used to combat the Polio virus in the 1950s.

We have displays dedicated to the histories of our local fire and police departments as well.

Other artifacts include vehicles dating back past the 1920s, a weaver’s loom, and one of the first color TV sets in Martin County.

The Carlson room promises to be an exciting experience with history’s BIG artifacts!

Modern day Martin County would surely be a different place today if the brave, hard-working pioneers who went before us never came and settled the land we now call home.

Our Pioneer Room here at the museum is filled with the tools and items that those courageous forerunners used to make early Martin County their home.Currently the room features a bedroom area and a dining room/kitchen area that are both filled with interesting pioneer artifacts that range in origin from the late 19th century to the 1950s. Martin’s Episcopal Church and an 1865 cradle from Silas Mills, the first settler of Waverly Township.Everywhere in the MCHS is full of Martin County’s rich history and our lobby is no exception.Our main display is set up on the west wall and features many pictures from the impressive and gorgeous historic homes of Martin County.The south wall holds our Martin County Music display that pays homage to the local and regional musicians who entertained us and the places they played at, such as the famed Interlaken Ballroom.The east wall is home to our gift shop, the Kickin’ Chicken sign, and one of our newest displays, the Paul and Linda Mc Cartney display.

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