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Dear April Masini," OK, maybe it's me..I just do not get men, especially when it comes to dating.

And it's not that he can't commit or isn't capable of real love.

It's just that the relationship isn't the be-all and end-all of his existence. Men were not brought up to please everyone around them like most women were.

What is the be-all and end-all of a man's life? Men have been doted on and waited on by over attentive mothers since birth.

Mastering the intricacies of the mind of your prospective mate is the key to attaining him – and keeping him. I know because I've experienced it personally, as have countless women I've enlightened about "Man-Think." Here's an example: Unlike a woman, a man does not worship at the altar of the relationship.

He does not throw himself body and soul into developing and nurturing the relationship.

He does not fall apart like a house of cards if The Relationship doesn't work out. It's not that a relationship wouldn't be important to him at some point down the line. Sincerely, Me No Speak Man-Talk " Dear Me No Speak Man-Talk, You aren't the only one struggling, and your anology is a great one! As I explain in my book Think & Date Like A Man, men differ from women in so many ways, especially in how they think – in this case, how they think about women, about sex, about dating, about romance and about relationships. Now, if you were trying to make a business deal with, say, a Japanese CEO, wouldn't it make sense to learn how the Japanese think and speak? Attracting a man is no different than scoring a successful deal You want something from (or better with) him – a relationship. And be prepared for success because that understanding will greatly increase your odds of getting what you want.

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