Dating ancient artifacts

And so we have made it to the final entry in the 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts list.

We finish with the second of our two catch-all categories, the first being where we learned about OOParts.

Thus we reach the end of our journey through the 10 Most Not-So-Puzzling Ancient Artifacts. Not by anyone who knows anything about them, or the Tolima people, but by Ancient Alien theorists and such.

I’ve had a good time with this and I actually learned a few things that surprised me. These little gold charms are so low-key you’ll be hard pressed to find anything academic on them.

I’ve shown not only why and how most of these are frauds and not that puzzling, but I’ve explained several ways to identify other dubious claims. However, you can go see them in several museums around America, including the Smithsonian in DC and The Field Museum in Chicago.

The particular fossil that the 10 most hits on is a supposed hand print.

It’s described by a Creation Science website as: “This photo shows a human handprint(sic) found in Cretaceous rock in the same layer with the Glen Rose dinosaur footprints.

The fossil handprint(sic) is so specific that it displays impressions of the thumbnail, impressions of the tissue webbing between the thumb and index finger, and the impression left by penetration of the middle finger into the mud [ A Texas-based website named “Pastor Art and Sister Sue” appear to be the first to mention the “hand print on stone” claiming that it was discovered in 1995 formed in Cretaceous rock in the city of Weatherford, Texas [Kuban 2010]. He also shows several examples of the mast mounted birds that look very much like the Bird, and has a link though to a report on the replication and attempted flight of the Bird. Again, these are another set of real artifacts recovered in real digs and displayed in real museums.As with “discoveries” like this, the usual red flags spring up: Pastor Art and Sister Sue have quite a few other impossible fossils on their site as well, things like sandal impressions along with trilobite fossils Again, I am going to go back over this and make a series out of it. “The Paluxy Dinosaur/”Man Track” Controversy”( Published by Glen J. It’s the interpretation of said artifacts that is disputed.Where a known artifact is being reinterpreted in hopes of supporting an idea that has no support for it.In the Man Tracks case, we have the fossilized imprints of dinosaur metatarsals made by bipedal dinosaurs that can look a little weird, until you understand how bipedal dinosaurs walked [Kuban 2010].The Man Tracks are also nice cases of fraud in action since more than a few of them were actually carved to look like human feet, and then sold to the unwary [Kuban 2010].Thankfully the man tracks have mostly been put to rest by through scientific debunking, however there appear to be plenty of Impossible Fossils waiting to take their place.


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