Dating agencies in glasgow

Whether you’re looking for a sassy chick or a hunky fella, there are plenty of bars around Glasgow packed to bursting with beautiful people looking for love.But if you’re too shy to make the first move, fear not because the craze of Speed Dating has finally found its way to a couple of venues in the city.Organised by Speed-Dater UK, there are regular speed dating evenings at the trendy Corinthian bar [map] which is a favourite hangout for actors such as Ewan Mc Gregor and Robert Carlyle.

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Where there is a match, the lucky people concerned receive their love-heart’s details within 48 hours and are left to do what comes naturally.

If you prefer someone else to do have the difficult task of finding your Romeo or Juliet then there a number of dating agencies in Glasgow, such as Scottish Soulmates [map] and Date-link [map].

Alternatively you could just do what most singletons do on a Friday and Saturday night – hit the city’s best wine bars and clubs and seek out your new love by playing the game of trial and error!

To meet an ultra trendy girl or a gorgeous bloke head to bars like, Cosmopol [map], Cul de Sac [map] and Bargo [map].

For those who are unaware of the speed dating phenomenon, this 21st century dating game involves getting 20 single men and 20 women to meet in a bar, where everyone is given a scorecard, a pen and a badge.

The men then sit opposite the women and the dating starts.

After three minutes, a bell rings and all the men move round one place, so you get to meet 20 potential partners in a couple of hours.

At the end of the evening the daters mark on the scorecards who they would like to see again and hand them in to the organizers.

For a more chilled out partner get along to one of the city’s best traditional pubs, including The Horseshoe [map] and Halt Bar [map], where you’ll find lads and lasses drinking real ale and having a laugh.

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