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definition, it is an unbound publication that is not a periodical and contains no fewer than 5 and no more than 48 pages, exclusive of any cover.

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was one of the earliest and most effective pamphleteers.

The coarseness and violence of the pamphlets on both sides and the public disorder attributed to their distribution led to their prohibition by imperial edict in 1589.

The pamphlet was popular in the Elizabethan age, being used not only for religious controversy but also by men such as for romantic fiction, autobiography, scurrilous personal abuse, and social and literary criticism.

In France didactic and abusive religious pamphleteering gave way to a more flippant and lively writing that satirized the morals of the court and the chief ministers.

The pamphlets of , raised the form to the level of literature.

In England pamphlets gained increasing propagandist influence during the political and religious controversies of the 17th century.They played an important role in the debates between Puritan and Anglican, and king and Parliament in the years before, during, and after the may also be regarded as marking the end of the era of the political pamphlet; thereafter political dialogue was largely carried on in newspapers, periodicals, and bound books.Pamphlets were among the first printed materials, and they were widely used in England, France, and Germany.The first great age of pamphleteering was inspired by the religious controversies of the early 16th century.In France so many pamphlets were issued in support of the Reformed religion that edicts prohibiting them were promulgated in 1523, 1553, and 1566.In Germany the pamphlet was first used by the leaders of the Protestant Reformation to inflame popular opinion against the pope and the Roman Catholic church.


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