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Phyllis Summers is a fictional character from The Young and the Restless, an American soap opera on the CBS network.The character was created and introduced by William J.Bell, and debuted in the episode airing on October 17, 1994.

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Angelina Jolie’s jealousy rooted from rumors that Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard have been spending a lot of time on the sets of “Five Seconds Of Silence,” where the two will star together.

It is said that Jolie is now growing beyond furious over the issue, and Pitt is getting fed up with their married life.

He can no longer stand the drama in their relationship and is almost close to initiating a divorce petition.

Second, it is said that the French singer-songwriter has already received an Oscar for Best Actress award, one thing that the American actress has not achieved yet in her entire acting career.

This is not the only time that the “Maleficent” starrer was rumored to have been jealous of other women.

Australian Network cites the pop singer Selena Gomez, as well as some of her husband’s girl pals, as a source of her jealousy.

Will this be the end of one of Tinseltown’s famous couple?

However, the same publication claimed that no romantic relationship is happening between Brad Pitt and Marion Cottilard, but Jolie resents her husband’s costar.

According to the source, Jolie is inclined to think that because she was Pitt’s costar before and that she stole him away from his then wife Jennifer Aniston, Cottilard would do the same.


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