Dating a schizophrenic

I know it's marginal but you see a website like this and you attract such individuals!

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I keep seeing all these "why you should date a teacher", "Why you should date a woman who drinks whiskey", "why you should date...." The list goes on and they are pretty much all ridiculous. If they start acting like they don't care it might be the meds.

This is just me having a laugh, I hope no one takes this the wrong way. Reasons to date a schizophrenic: You will never, ever be bored again.

The meds do change our personality so just because something is going wrong it might be a flat affect not rejection of you.

Problems communicating can be attributed to this illness.

This means that we don't now automatically not care about your new haircut. If they go off their meds you might be redecorating.

Sorry about that hideous and tasteless lamp you gave us that you insisted we must keep in the living room or you will cry, Aunt Sally! We can't come over for Christmas and listen to everyone else preach at us for not going into accounting like my brother." At least your girlfriend (or boyfriend) will appreciate your love and support when they come around.More later hey, Not that long ago this website had people in administrative positions who actually trolled the website for dates!You jest but there's actually this group of people out there who take advantage of schizophrenics....At this age in this town I have no real interest in dating a normie. This is a college town 95% percent of people who graduate move away and get good jobs.The fraction that remains try and hold onto the college lifestyle working in bars getting effed up when they can.In the mean time I might invest in one of those FPV drones that comes with a headset that lets you see through the drone. Maybe I'll meet some people here in town in that way...


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