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Skateboarders and the police are two types of people that you wouldn't commonly associate with one another.

But in this video it seems that the police fancy a bit of the action.

The video posted on local extreme sport shop 'City Surf' ' Instagram page shows the Police officer showing off his skills to other skateboarders.

Perhaps we've got a bit of an old-timer on our hands.

“We’re going to have to work extra hard to identify prosecutors who can review these cases and make a determination.”Perea retired from the Albuquerque Police Department in 2005 as a lieutenant. Perea has reported $81,000 in donations and $41,000 in expenses.

There’s a short-term job that has to get done, and there’s long-term structural reform that needs to take place.”Perea said he would make it a priority to find a special prosecutor to review all police shootings and any case in which an officer has been accused of a crime.“We need to clear them out. 1 priority to make decisions in these cases,” he said. Torrez has reported $261,000 in contributions and $119,000 in expenses, according to the secretary of state’s website.

“That system doesn’t currently exist, so under the law I have an obligation to review those cases (already pending) and we’ll make a determination based on the evidence. Perea’s contributors also include several Albuquerque bail bondsmen and former Attorney General Gary King.

Torrez said that after he took office, his staff would review the pending shooting cases and also work to create protocols for having special prosecutors review police shootings in the future.“I’ll be working hard to establish that kind of system,” he said. Perea has donations and endorsements from Joe Bowdich, a former Bernalillo County sheriff and longtime Albuquerque police officer, and former Albuquerque Police Chiefs Joseph Polisar and Sam Baca.

But they propose different ways for that to happen.

Both Perea and Torrez said special prosecutors outside the local District Attorney’s Office should be involved to avoid conflict of interest because the office works closely with local law enforcement agencies.

“I think people have started to recognize the powerful impact we can have by treating people and providing help and services and hopefully breaking that addiction rather than locking people away.”There have been about 30 police shootings dating back to 2013 in Bernalillo County that are still being reviewed to determine whether charges will be filed.

receivers, defense and offense,” Perea said, referring to the New England Patriots’ championship-winning football coach. A good leader understands all positions and is able to lead, train and inspire.”But Torrez said police officers would get on board with his ideas because he would rely on police data to build prosecutions against the worst offenders and use the same data to make decisions to not prosecute some offenders – instead offering them a chance at getting therapy for drug addiction or mental health problems.“I think we’re in the early stages of a broad awakening in the country,” he said.

He said that his experience as a police officer would help the District Attorney’s Office improve its relationship with Albuquerque police, and that he can help officers make sure they’re gathering all the evidence needed to prosecute the case.“Bill Belichick didn’t play extensively every single position. He understood what he expects from his quarterbacks …

Even though he’s never worked as a prosecutor full time, Perea said, he has intricate knowledge of the criminal justice system.


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