Dating a guy shorter than me world of warcraft armory not updating

There is something about that, which makes it a little harder to get used to.

dating a guy shorter than me-44

So, remind yourself that you really will get used to it, if the person is awesome.

Notice that you can hold hands, and a short person's hand is not significantly lower than yours.

Humans were built to be able to hold hands with someone who is feet taller or shorter than they are (kids and their parents).

Point is, I am very tall, and the guys I was interested in when I was single were more than likely shorter than me.

If he was within 3 or 4 inches of my height, it really wasn't especially noticeable to me.

It is true, that at 5" difference, it is noticeable.This is because with that difference, you are seeing the top of their head.As a 5'8 female, I'm finding it really difficult to get over a height gap of 5 inches flat foot.I prefer to be within an inch of the people (both genders) I date, and don't wear heels often enough for that to matter, but this is really hard for me to overlook for some reason. As a very tall, Jewish woman, I had multiple experiences dating guys who were shorter than me.I'm 5'10", and that is taller than the average Jewish man.No statistics for you, just going by the fact that I've been in big crowds of Jewish people many, many times in my life, and usually can see over most of their heads. And younger Jewish men are getting taller...anyway, off topic.

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