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The Battle of Surigao Strait is noted for three “lasts” in naval combat.

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He would wander around Los Angeles, conducting man on the street interviews with passers by, most of whom showed complete ignorance about very basic American history questions. But only one-third could name even one World War II general, and about half could name a World War II battle.

I never found it humorous, I found it disheartening, but also context for why things are the way they are. Diane Ravitch, an educational historian at New York University, said the big emphasis in high schools today is on the internment camps, as well as women in the workforce on the home front and discrimination against African Americans at home and in the armed services.

“Then, too, there was a war in the Atlantic and Pacific,” she said.

Teachers and historians have been arguing for decades about how to teach World War II and other parts of American history.

Many surveys, and interviews with students and teachers, indicate that there is less emphasis now on battles and victories, sparked in part by American failure in the Vietnam War, which had a significant impact on this generation of scholars and teachers. Students and teachers say it is difficult to get deeply into World War II in just two-week units in world history and later American history.

Molly Rogers, a senior at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington County, said: “We never really got to the bottom of it in any of the courses I took.” But Dan Fleming, professor emeritus of social science education at Virginia Tech, said his research shows that more high school time is given to World War II than the Korean or Vietnam wars. “High school students don’t know enough about World War II because we don’t let them.” Thanks to the Colleges of Education, schools purpose is now indoctrination rather than education.

“I would prefer to see high schools in America be required to have a class on 20th-century conflicts where World War II could be dealt with much more in depth than the two to three weeks a high school survey class can provide,” said Philip Engle, who teaches world history at T. Orwell’s Winston Smith spent his time in the Ministry of Truth re-writing history so nobody would know the truth.

The left needs government controlled schools to maintain this level(depth) of ignorance. v=Tr Xa Qu_q Geo Published on Apr 16, 2013 With its famous opening scene at a Harvard graduation, this classic of education research brings into sharp focus the dilemma facing all educators: Why don’t even the brightest students truly grasp basic science concepts?

This award-winning program traces the problem through interviews with Harvard graduates and their professors, as well as with a bright ninth-grader who has some confused ideas about the orbits of the planets.

Equally useful for education methods classes, teacher workshops, and presentations to the public, A Private Universe is an essential resource for science and methodology teachers. WWII Triva: A US Navy submarine is officially credited with destroying an allied submarine. A Royal Navy submarine accomplished the only recorded kill of an enemy submarine while both boats were submerged.

A Kriegsmarine (German Navy) commerce raider was a sailboat.


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