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As someone who researches online dating sites full time and a close industry observer here is what I see happening.This past year a study by the PEW Research Center documented the fact that online dating is more socially accepted as well as the fact that more people are now using these types of online matchmaking services.The study did not however, pinpoint specific dating sites but more so focused on bulking all ‘online dating’ technologies together. I and many other 30’s something singles would vehemently argue there are actually fewer and fewer, ‘online’ dating sites that are widely trusted.

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From Millionaire sites, to dating site for those with STD’s, to dating for self-proclaimed geeks; it’s all there for the taking.

Online dating is truly everywhere, but now that there are so many specialized sites on offer what affect does that have on the overall online dating market? What will take people offline in the next 10 years and really connect singles for meaningful relationships?

Before we try to answer that question, let me explain what I see happening in the online dating industry.

This article presents the chronological framework used to reconstruct the political history of the ancient Lowland Maya site of Xunantunich in the upper Belize River valley.

Extensive excavations from 1991 to 1997 by the Xunantunich Archaeological Project produced the ceramic, architectural, and epigraphic data needed to place the site within a temporal context.

Refinement of the Barton Ramie ceramic chronology was the first step toward clarifying the Xunantunich chronology.

Seriation of well-known Spanish Lookout types and modes from stratified deposits established a framework for understanding Late and Terminal Classic assemblages. Arguably, this rapid growth and florescence was initiated under the auspices of nearby Naranjo.

Twenty-two radiocarbon samples place these ceramic complexes in absolute time. Although the polity achieved political autonomy in the following Tsak' phase (A. 780–890) of the Terminal Classic period, civic construction diminished and rural populations declined until the site collapsed sometime during the late ninth or early tenth century.

Obsidian hydration and masonry techniques were found to be less reliable chronological markers.


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