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You get the picture.”, Munirah says, “In Islam, yes, of course you have to involve the father actually, because the father is the lady’s guardian.

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Together they run matchmaking events to help people who are “seek[ing] a spouse in a respectable manner.” While the Malay Mail article focused on the misuse of the platform to find co-wives, the whole idea of ‘halal’ or ‘shariah-compliant’ matchmaking is newsworthy in itself.

The guidelines of HSD mostly centre around the inability of Malay Muslim women to choose and marry their own spouses.

Female participants to this events must come with a chaperone, whom the co-founders define to be a wali (male guardian) or mahram (non-marriageable relative).

Most participants come with a parent or family member.

Both Munirah and Zuhri truly believe this is the best way to find a spouse.

They met at the Marriage Corner, a seminar on marriage which is part of the annual .

This conference is simultaneously run in other cities such as Lahore, Pakistan and Melbourne, Australia.

Minirah and Zuhri married after five months of exhanging emails and chaperoned interaction.

Based on the With the slogan “We want to change the way people fall in love, for the better,” Munirah and Zuhri hark to a romanticised version of history where men had to ask other men for permission to marry their daughters.

Their on the HSD website, says: “Think back on how our grandparents got married. When our grandfather wanted to marry a lady, he would approach the lady’s father first.” “Because the traditional way of dating is faster and more efficient by including the guardians and family members in the process.

More importantly, it avoids fitnah, heartbreak, premarital pregnancy, premarital sex, abandoned babies and all 50 Shades of Haram.

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