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They even posed together in bed just wearing skates. I have never been used to this, even when I was in East Enders.

He also rushed to see Lukasz, 31 dance partner of ex-WAG Elen Rivas, 36 to defuse tension.

Sam explained: As soon as I heard about the {pictures of me and Alex, I dashed round to see her husband. We had a long chat and I assured him it wasn't as it seemed.

I knew how bad the pictures would look and I was devastated about what he might think. Im very affectionate and Ill be tactile and joke around with all the girls in the show Chloe, Denise, Kerry.

Our exclusive story told how Sam and Brianne had cashed-in on their relationship with a series of lucrative magazine deals talking about their sizzling love life.

SHAMED Sam Attwater has made a grovelling apology to the husband of a Dancing On Ice star he was caught snogging.

The 24-year-old heartthrob begged for Lukasz Rozyckis forgiveness after he was pictured in The People passionately kissing show professional Alexandra Schauman, 30.

The smooch outside a Surrey pub was watched by Brianne Delcourt, Sams dance partner and supposed girlfriend.

After we broke the story last Sunday, Sam apologised on the live show for misleading fans.

She said: I prefer my private life to stay private. We are very good friends and hes already agreed to come to Canada with me for a holiday after the show.


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