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The going is slow because they're shackled together by a thick chain and both are also full of racial assumptions.

At first, they hate each other; they argue over which way to go and Joker's use of the word "nigger." But in the end, after many trials and tribulations, they become friends.

When Cullen is able to jump on the moving train, Joker can't make it.

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25 October 2004 I first heard of the Magical Negro from author Steve Barnes during a Clarion East Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop discussion in 2001.

He explained that a Magical Negro was a black character—usually depicted as wiser and spiritually deeper than the white protagonist—whose purpose in the plot was to help the protagonist get out of trouble, to help the protagonist realize his own faults and overcome them.

As I sat there listening to Barnes, I realized with dismay what bothered me about several of Stephen King's novels.

Several of his greatest works hinge on Magical Negroes and, furthermore, the result was a propagation of racial stereotypes.

Both characters, John Coffey and Bagger, are only important in relation to the protagonist of each story.

Interestingly enough, Krishna means "black" in Sanskrit.The name is often translated as "the black one," and early pictorial representations generally showed him as dark- or black-skinned.To fully understand how deeply King's Magical Negroes affect, it's best to first look at the history of the Magical Negro.Sometimes called the "Magic Negro" or the "Mystical Negro," the term "Magical Negro" typically references characters in film and dates back to the 1950s, around the time of the film .In this film, a white man named John "Joker" Jackson (played by Tony Curtis) and a black man named Noah Cullen (played by Sidney Poitier) are convicts on a southern chain gang.When they escape because of a bus accident, they make a run for it.


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