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Reader's Handbook of Allusions, References, Plots, and Stories. (Contains a Glossary of Public School Slang.) A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles, Founded mainly on the Materials collected by the Philological Society. Hobson-Jobson, being a Glossary of Anglo-Indian Colloquial Words and Phrases, Etymological, His- torical, Geographical, and Dis- cursive. Etymological Dictionary of the English Language, arranged on an Historical Basis.

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Henley, who died in July, i go 3, is not responsible for any errors in this volume abridged in 1904-5 from Slang and its Analogues, in seven volumes, edited by him and by Mr.

Haron, a mountaineer.] (2) The leader of a gang of thieves ; always with ' the ' as a prefix.

To take aback, to surprise, check : suddenly and forcibly.

Stealera of Cattle or Beasts, by Herds, or great numbers ; and were distinguished from Fures (Blount).

[Obviously a Jew fence's punning reference to Abaddon, the angel of the bottomless pit ; Rev.

(1770.) bbey to a o able to ak it of an xpressions jpence ; to make of a D thwite a rick ; His * a nut- -sister. A Dictionary of English Phrases, with Illustrative Sentences. (1858-1925) PROFESSOR 01 TEUTONIC PHILOLOGY VICTORIA COLLEGE Slang and Colloquial English BY THE SAME AUTHOR AMERICANISMS, OLD AND NEW. MUSA PEDESTBIS, Slang Songs and Canting Rhymes (1636-1896). 1 vo L DICTIONARY OF THE CANTING CREW, a photo-facsimile of the oldest Slang Dictionary extant 1 vol. 1 vo L A Dictionary of Slang and Colloquial English Abridged from the seven-volume work, entitled Slang and its Analogues BY JOHN S.


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