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By Jennifer Kyrnin So, you've got Dreamweaver 8 and you're not sure if you want to shell out the $$$ to upgrade to Dreamweaver CS3. Now that Adobe has bought Dreamweaver, have they ruined it? No, this isn't news, but for many Web designers, this is a critical reason to purchase Dreamweaver CS3.

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One of the coolest new features in Dreamweaver CS3 is the addition of better CSS layouts.

They are well commented in the code, so it's easy to start understanding how CSS layouts work.

Plus they have over 32 layouts to choose from in fixed and liquid designs and 1-, 2-, or 3-column formats.

You can also define where you want the CSS (in the head, in an external file, or in an existing file) right while you're creating the new page.

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I also really like how easy it is to move CSS styles around.

When I'm testing a style, I often start out by styling the exact tag right in the HTML in a style attribute.

But this isn't scalable, so once I get the style working I have to move that rule into my style sheet.

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