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Set to "true" this param enables facet counts in the query response.

Any blank or missing value, or "false" will disable faceting.

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For text fields that include stemming, or lowercasing, or word splitting you may not get what you expect.

If you want both Analysis (for searching) and Faceting on the full literal Strings, use copy Field to create two versions of the field: one Text and one String.

Make sure both are Limits the terms on which to facet to those starting with the given string prefix.

This parameter can be specified multiple times to indicate that multiple queries should be used as separate facet constraints.

It can be particularly useful for numeric range based facets, or prefix based facets -- see example below (i.e.

To specify facet queries not in the Lucene default query syntax, prefix the facet query with the name of the query notation, a la Local Params.For example, to use the hypothetical myfunc query parser, send parameter after any Analysis occurs.Solr provides a Simple Faceting toolkit which can be reused by various Request Handlers to include a "Facet counts" section within a search response.This extra section provides a breakdown or summary of the results based on some simple criteria, which can be used to help implement more advanced search interfaces.Use of faceting does not affect the results section of a search response.The Search Handler uses these utilities via the Facet Component, which supports the parameters listed here.


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