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Just look for titles that say something to the effect of “Want to rent a beagle? ” However, before you make your thrifty purchase, make sure the animal is actually cute, as that’s kind of a prerequisite.

Just remember, the cuter the animal, the less attractive you will have to be yourself!

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Well, with over 7 billion people in the world, the chances are good that even someone as weird as yourself will be able to find someone who shares your dark sense of humor, your snorty laugh, your 99 cats, or love of toast.

REASON #3 – Stock Up on the Tools of the Trade Even if you find yourself a bit bashful about the idea of jumping into the shark tank that is Craigslist – with the exposed wounds of your last relationship still fresh and open – there are plenty of tools of the trade (dating) that can be bought for anywhere from dirt-cheap to dirt-free.

You just need to stock up on the things that the group you are targeting likes.

For example, puppies, especially Beagles, are chick/hunk magnets.

Oh, and there’s also somebody selling a time machine, so you can just use that and ask the person the person for their phone number.

Five long years ago, I was job-hunting, living on a couch, friendless, and in a new city where I had no idea how to meet people.

I signed up for Ok Cupid on a whim, hoping to go on a few dates and engage in some interesting conversation.

In the past, Craigslist has gotten somewhat of a bad rap, especially as a dating site, networking site, or pretty much anything encouraging it’s users to meet complete strangers in real life. Plus, anyone who meets you in real life and wants to make fun of you can only do so by admitting that they were using the site for the same purpose.

However, there are a number of far-fetched reasons why it can actually be a great dating site when all other dating sites (Tinder, anyone? On Craigslist you can be 100% yourself – unleaded and unfiltered – like this gamer guy and his Batmobile, courtesy of Fail Blog.


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  4. It is not just love lives that will benefit, with e Harmony predicting the future of dating will contribute more than £256 million of consumer spending by 2030 - an increase of 81 per cent compared to today.

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