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Let’s illustrate this lesson with an example: Assume that your average deal size is ,000 and your sales rep costs you an average of ,000 per month fully burdened (this could vary significantly up or down based on location of hire).

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It is the central processing platform for all of the landing pages used in your lead capture process.

We let you quickly identify, validate, and improve your lead quality at the point-of-entry.

We enable deep lead and contact verification, de-duplication and CRM data integrity by: Our platform features Let’s Verify Instant, instant, real-time deep lead validation, and Let’s Verify Human, in-depth custom contact action and lead verification.

Let’s Verify allows you to quickly identify, validate, and improve your lead quality at point-of-entry.

Our lead verification platform sifts out the invalid leads, and delivers to you only the most qualified results, all while minimizing your cost per sales-qualified lead (CPSQL).

We help marketers filter out leads with questionable data so you can pass onto sales only the most accurate records maximizing ROI and building sales to marketing love.

We verify all of the leads generated by your demand generation programs – you can upload CSV files or we can integrate with Salesforce or Marketo to automatically pull data in. Your CRM data integrity is preserved, you gain more qualified leads for your business, and guarantee a stronger, more efficient sales team.

The combination of these two services guarantees sales-ready leads, and verification of the actions taken by your leads.

Verify the identity, geographic location, phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses of your leads.

Keep your email subscriber lists accurate and updated, segment your leads, all while eliminating marketing spend on weak or invalid lead sources.

In our 20+ years experience as sales and marketing executives, we have learned the hard way that a poor quality lead, even if it came free, will cost a lot of money and time to follow through, only to end up with no deal closed.


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