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I would expect [it to happen] between five and 10 years' time."I wouldn't expect it earlier than that not least because most people have probably printed their calendars for the next five years."School holidays and so on are all fixed - it affects almost everything you do in the spring and summer.

The Most Rev Justin Welby said that Anglican leaders would join discussions with other church leaders about the move to fix the date for the first time and put an end to almost 2,000 years of controversy.

Archbishop Welby said Anglican leaders had voted to join discussions with the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches to set an annual date.

He said that Easter should most likely be fixed for the second or third Sunday of April.

The Archbishop said: "We had warned the Government that this was coming up.

It could also have wide-ranging implications for schools and universities, the tourism industry, retailers and even sporting fixtures.

The Archbishop made the surprise announcement at the end of a weeklong meeting of bishops and archbishops from around the world in Canterbury dominated by discussion over deep rifts within the 85 millionstrong Anglican Communion over homosexuality.He said that the primates of the Anglican Communion had agreed to join talks, initiated by the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Pope Tawadros II, on fixing a date for Easter.Pope Francis signalled earlier this year that he would also be open to the idea.The Archbishop disclosed that Lambeth Palace had already notified the Government about the possibility of a change, in recognition of the wideranging implications for the economy, education and people's lives.Teaching unions welcomed the move as offering certainty for schools.Easter Continued on Page 2 Continued from Page 1 Sunday falls early this year on March 27.


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