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•Hopping Dinner for Singles is a delicious Dinner-Event with 3 different courses - starter, main course and dessert - each of which is served in a different private apartment in Zurich :-) •Cooking togehter, eating together, having a lot of fun! •You will get a nice partner to cook in your or her/his kitchen •Afterwards you will have 4 guests coming for the course - there are always groups of 6 people in one place •After one hour it is time to move to the next place, where you are served the next course and meet new people. •You can also enrole together with your best friend and cook together!

•Mainly german speaking people, but everybody else is also very welcomed!

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Other programs slated to return are Reef Doctors, Puberty Blues, Last Man Standing and Can of Worms.

By broadening its program offerings, Ten hopes it won't have to rely so heavily on the successful Master Chef series to drive its ratings and advertising revenues."We are moving away from the one-bet, one-punch mentality.

As a single person, these words are often in your mind and there are a lot of questions also: but where? There are many concepts around this idea of dating & cooking.

Come Date with Me continues the love theme by fusing dating and cooking.

The third and fourth programs the chief executive mentioned was I Will Survive, a talent show that will have Priscilla, Queen of the Desert as its theme, and Everybody Dance Now, a reality show with broad family appeal.

Chief executive James Warburton was talking up the network's suite of shows as he unveiled a 70 per cent plunge in Ten's first-half profit.

He said Ten was building its schedule around its "Super Sunday" line-up and shows such as Bikie Wars, Being Lara Bingle and The Shire are due to hit the screens shortly in addition to the high-rating Master Chef.

Cooking, dating and talent shows are what the Ten Network believes will win over viewers and advertisers this year.

Ten is launching what it calls four "big formats" in 2012 as it takes on rivals Nine and Seven in the ratings war.

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