Consolidating lots stephen colletti is dating

A new schedule of unit entitlement must be provided on the administration sheet.

The plan is prepared on Plan form 2 (PDF 37 KB) and lodged in the same manner as the original plan for the scheme.

The sheet numbering in the upper right corner of the plan form must be completed and is determined by the number of sheets being lodged at that time.

To consolidate data, use the Consolidate command in the Data Tools group on the Data tab.

You can create a Pivot Table report from multiple consolidation ranges.

This method is similar to consolidating by category, but it offers more flexibility to reorganize the categories.

To summarize and report results from separate worksheets, you can consolidate data from each separate worksheet into a master worksheet.

The worksheets can be in the same workbook as the master worksheet or in other workbooks.

When you consolidate data, you are assembling data so that you can more easily update and aggregate it on a regular or ad hoc basis.

For example, if you have a worksheet of expense figures for each of your regional offices, you might use a consolidation to roll up these figures into a corporate expense worksheet.

For more information see Consolidate multiple worksheets into one Pivot Table report.

Two or more but not all of the development lots in a community or precinct scheme or neighbourhood lots in a neighbourhood scheme may be consolidated in a plan of consolidation.

The plan must be lodged as a deposited plan and will be allocated the same number as the original plan.

The new lot(s) must be numbered consecutively commencing with the next available number for the scheme.


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