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Consolidating your high interest rate debts and loans into one simple loan payment with a lower interest rate may save you money.Applying for a debt consolidation loan at provides you fast financing with affordable monthly payments and low rates.By combining your car loan, credit card debt, and other financial obligations into one fixed rate unsecured loan, you can consolidate all of your high interest debt into one payment.

Debt consolidation or refinancing is a way of taking multiple debts and consolidating them into a single loan, subject to a single interest rate generally with a single monthly repayment.

Instead of having to manage repayments to multiple banks and financial institutions a debt consolidation loan allows you to deal with a single lender.

This makes managing your debt situation significantly easier and often you can wind up paying less each month than you were paying before.

Back to Top Generally a debt consolidation loan allows you to consolidate all of your unsecured personal loans, credit cards and store cards.

If you are receiving calls from bill collectors, or using one line of credit to pay off another, a debt consolidation loan can put a stop to the madness. If you are paying more in interest than on the principal of your debt, a debt consolidation loan offers you the relief you need.

The application process has been designed to be as easy as possible, and you get to view the upfront terms of the loan before accepting. This unsecured loan requires no collateral, has no unnecessary fees, and will not surprise you with any hidden charges.Apply for a paperless, stress-free online loan, and as soon as you are approved, the money will be transferred directly into your bank account.Consolidate your debts into one easy unsecured personal loan. However some mortgage refinancing allows you to consolidate your unsecured debts in with your mortgage.Back to Top Most debt consolidation loans should offer you a lower interest rate than you are receiving on your credit cards and personal loans.This reduced rate could ultimately save you thousands in interest over the course of the loan.


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  2. Lucrezia Reichlin is Professor of Economics at London Business School; Non-Executive Director of Uni Credit Banking Group; Research Director at the Centre for Economic Policy Research; and Chair of the Scientific Council at the Brussels-based think-tank, Bruegel.

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