Congress passed a law in 2016 mandating that bulbs top 100 kostenlose dating sites

For several years, an appropriations rider has been in effect that prevents the Department of Energy (DOE) from enforcing these new light bulb standards.

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Recognizing the huge potential for energy savings through simple light bulb upgrades, the U. Congress adopted energy efficiency standards for everyday light bulbs and established a timeline for a progressive phase-out of inefficient bulbs.

President Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) into law.

The standards do not ban any specific light bulb type, but stipulate that light bulbs must use at least 25% less energy.

The changeover occurred gradually, giving manufacturers time to adjust their product lines, and in 20 the standards for the most commonly used bulbs took effect.

The transition has been very successful, and new and improved halogen incandescent and LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs have entered the market and are widely available along with compact fluorescents lamps (CFLs).

As a result of the phase-out, the prices of the more efficient bulbs have dropped dramatically, and American consumers are reaping the benefits of lower electricity bills. households could save nearly billion in 2015 alone.

And since newer, more efficient light bulbs tend to last longer, those savings will only continue to grow as the years pass by. That’s the same as the cost of the 2012 election, or about thirty million i Phones.

When all of the old light bulbs are replaced with these upgraded versions, the standards will save consumers billion per year.

Not to mention the avoided hazard of climbing on a kitchen stool to change the overhead light!

You might think this was a success story of progressive bipartisan lawmaking leading to meaningful market change.

However, you would be wrong, because our politicians have once again let politics get in the way.

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