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▪They should be seen as complementary contributions to the wider management of our transport, environmental and social objectives.

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▪In my view, scientists have a crucial role to play in the rapprochement of conventional and complementary medicine .

▪Such developments are paving the way to rapprochement between conventional and complementary medicine .

▪Most forms of complementary medicine are framed in terms of traditional medical systems from other cultures.

(a) The color directly opposite each primary color on the wheel is called its _____ color.(b) On Free Comic Book Day, shops around the country give out _____ comic books to all customers.(c) The back cover of Nelson's new book is filled with extremely _____ reviews.

adjective COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIESalternative/complementary medicine (= medical treatments that are not part of modern medicine ) ▪Various types of alternative medicine, particularly acupuncture, can give pain relief.

complementary colours (= ones that look nice together ) ▪Plant the flowers in patches in complementary colours.

complementary medicine▪acupuncture and other types of complementary medicines COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS■ ADVERBas▪Tonight we are given the foot washing as complementary symbol or metaphor.

▪The drawing and the birdwatching had grown up as complementary interests from a very young age.

▪But surely it would be more appropriate to see the two perspectives as complementary .

▪They neglect the efforts of those who have regarded scientific and religious discourse as complementary rather than mutually exclusive.

▪It is a group in which the contributions of individuals are seen as complementary .

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