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Once you complete the questionnaire we will be able to start matching you with other highly compatible e Harmony members.

If you would like to exclusively date Christian singles, make sure you tell us in your personal preferences.

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We have registered members in over 200 countries; a huge resource to help you find that special someone. Thousands of Christian singles have found love through e Harmony.

In fact, on average, 542 people a day get married because of e Harmony; that accounts for nearly 5% of U. marriages.* Register with e Harmony for FREE today and complete our Relationship Questionnaire to receive your free Personality Profile.

This report is a great way to get to know yourself, as it gives you a deep insight into your personality, and how others perceive you.

At e Harmony we know how important it is for you, as a single Christian, to meet other Christian singles who share your values, beliefs and hopes for the future.

If you think that God has someone special planned for you who you just haven’t found yet, an online dating service like e Harmony can help you find your soul mate.

What's so special about e Harmony for Christian singles is that we use our Compatibility Matching System™ to match you with other Christian men and women based on key dimensions of compatibility.

These dimensions include kindness, spirituality, family goals and traditionalism.

When you are matched with someone on e Harmony you are safe in the knowledge that they will be looking for the same things in life as you are, and most importantly are looking for a long lasting, happy Christian relationship.

Other Christian dating sites may encourage you to look for what’s on the outside, but e Harmony focuses on the inside, on what truly matters about a person.

In fact, we always say that we are not a dating website, we are a relationships site!

We have over 1.5 million registered members in the UK alone, and hundreds of thousands of Christian singles use us in their search for love.


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