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He was lured by someone claiming to be a beautiful Arab woman to a private chat room.There he was asked to remove his clothes in front of the web camera and he obliged.

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is a short film about a girl having a video chat with her spouse.

To avoid an impending fight, the girl finally gives in to the boy's whims and starts removing her the shocking climax.

An Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal has sentenced a man to three months imprisonment for committing an indecent act – taking off his clothes in front of a computer camera.

According to a report in ‘Al Bayan’ newspaper, the man is the victim in a case of online blackmail.

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The Abu Dhabi Police were able to track down the suspect through a mobile number and arrest him.

After investigation, the public prosecutor referred the fraudster and the victim to the court where both faced charges of indecent behaviour and the fraudster was also charged with using the internet to threaten and blackmail.

The fraudster was convicted of his charges, however, the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals reversed an earlier verdict of a Court of First Instance freeing the victim of the indecency charge and sentenced him to three months in jail.

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