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"I was allowed to video message him but that wasn’t shown and he sent me one and he said to me 'I’m not here for the girls, I’m here for you., I’m here to enjoy the experience with the lads’ now, I’m looking forward to spending my time with you on the outside so just wait for me'." The couple's conversations were never shown on Love Island as they were held away from the cameras and other housemates.

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But yeah, just the once.” Aww, we do still have a special place in our hearts for Hyle.

Speaking of Hyle, Holly then went on to reveal her best sexual experience and yep, you’ve guessed it, it involves a certain Kyle Christie…

She said: “My best sexual experience, I know most people won’t agree with this, but obviously after me and Kyle split up in Zante we’d been away from each other a very long time and obviously there was still so much sexual tension there that when I got back from Zante it was the most mind-blowing sex of my entire life.” Fair enough Hols, thanks for spilling ALL!

Malin Andersson has revealed she had private conversations with Terry Walsh following her elimination from Love Island .

When he decided to remain in the villa, the pair spoke away from the cameras and he allegedly begged her to wait for him.

Despite what he has said to the lads in the villa, he reportedly was desperate to see the brunette beauty and wanted to continue their relationship back in the UK.

"When I left I was put in lock down for a day and that is when I was told he wasn’t leaving," Malin told The Sun.

gets closer and closer to hitting our screens, we’ve decided to quiz all of the cast members to tell us their deepest, darkest secrets.

Next up under the spotlight is Geordie original gal, Holly Hagan.


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