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X-rated footage shows the naughty pair getting busy against the side of a car at the roadside.

The couple appear to have planned the elicit – and explicit – encounter as they are already ready in their birthday suits when they pull up.

Interestingly, the lad appears to wave to the CCTV camera – suggesting he knows he is being filmed.

Perhaps he likes being watched, knows the camera operator or is fulfilling a bet.

Paragliders logging in to a live streaming feed were shocked when they saw the x-rated performance instead.

A couple who thought they had a private hilltop all to themselves had their entire steamy sex session broadcast live on a webcam feed for skydivers.

The footage, filmed last Thursday around 11am, showed the couple wrapping themselves up in a sheet on the grass as they saw officers arriving.

Police in Tangara, southern Brazil, sent a patrol car to investigate after receiving a string of text messages and phone calls alerting them to the lovers.

The couple faced further embarrassment after learning their broad-daylight lovemaking session had been filmed on a webcam.

The woman – naked as the day she was born except for a classy pair of high heels – bends over against the car as the lad parks his vehicle in the garage.

They both look around in case anyone sees – as the CCTV video keeps rolling.

It certainly appears to be a "quickie" as the brief encounter lasts less than 10 seconds.

It is unclear if the guy finishes the job or the exhibitionists are interrupted – or possibly they are worried about a parking ticket.


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