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This is a list of Christian and Catholic dating websites.You'll find many Christians including Catholics on these websites looking for single men and women who belong to the same religion.

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Faith or religious affiliation plays an important role in our life and relationships and Catholic Mingle meets an important need.

Most people on Catholic Mingle are looking for romance, love, friendship or meaningful relationships or even for possible marriage partners.

This is not a site for short term flings or one-night-stands. Christian Couple Makers is a relatively new Christian dating website that brings together Christian men and women looking for dating partners and relationships.

Their homepage has a brief introductory video by their charming founder, Cindy Reed who calls it ' The home of heavenly introductions.

Mutually shared values not only make a great foundation for satisfying relationships but also play an important role in increasing the chances of a successful relationship in the long run.

Religion-based dating websites are all the rage today.

In the past you could hope to meet potential partners at events organized by your church or place of worship.

All profiles on Christian Couple Makers are indivually screened and all information verified according to the introduction.

You'll receive a call from their 'introduction specialists'.

Big Church is part of an ever-widening niche of Christian dating sites.

Such websites allow singles to meet and make friends among people of similar religious background.

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