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He understood me and today at shopping he had shown me so many beautiful sides of him. Mudenda said he had to go as well and thanked my mother for accepting. She jokingly asked how much I had destroyed her accounts. How could I tell her that my boss had given me the money? ” I asked her as I sat down with my baby in my hands. “He came to give us the accommodation details for this weekend.” She told me as I sat down.

How would it work that my son will be raised by my baby daddies cousin. I could see why Tidimalo had thought that we would be good together. She took the plastics from me from the shopping bags. ” I said to my mum in what came out as a snap but she did not reprimand me. If that was the case he was going to know me better.

He was such a happy person and it almost seemed like he had no worry in the world. “He also left money for Amo and brought groceries for him! This was the first money we had received from him voluntarily and this a day or two before maintenance court. I think he thought by giving me money and buying these things I would not have a hard line against him when we went to court.

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All the guys in one crew had slept with her and the only people that did not seem to care about it was well, her! Women rarely ever want to pass off their man to someone else even if he is an ex.

I did not want that for him though, I really did not. It was something we had once discussed because some girl in university had gone through. I wanted to go too and bury myself somewhere where I would not be found.

What are the chances that my dream guy and saviour was related to my worst enemy and also seemingly on friendly terms with him. Not many girls can say that about a guy because most men are full of shit. He was about to get caught up in my world of lies and deceit. He was enjoying this because he knew what would happen next because of the person that I am or was. He gave me a cold hug but did not acknowledge Mudenda as he got into his car and drove off. I had not even tried to stop him because I knew how he felt. I could have punched him at that moment but my mother came outside. It’s so funny how no matter how much you hate your baby daddy, the constant reminder he left you off him you love so much.

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