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No campgrounds or rest areas were serendipitously found, and as the day was drawing to a close with the sun setting in front of us, I was getting more than a little uneasy. But there was nothing to indicate that we were actually on public land.

All I could think was – what if we had pulled on to some rancher’s private road, and he was loading up his rifle now?

At the time, I was packing a Windows based smartphone with internet access.

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Just a couple weeks earlier I had left my stationary home in Florida and set off across the country in a small 16′ [email protected] trailer with Chris.

My crazy adventure of full time RVing had just begun, fueled by biodiesel and the “anything is possible” energy of a new romance.

After a hectic couple of weeks of the typical newly-on-the-road chaos, we were now exploring on our own schedule.

We were keeping a steady pace, working our way from landmark to landmark on our maiden voyage together – trying to combine seeing as much of this great country as we could while still in a hurry to get to a wedding in California.

We were working our way west into the vast wilderness and abundance of public lands.

This particular morning nearly seven years ago, we left Arches National Park in Moab, UT and we didn’t have a specific plan for where we’d stop for the night.

This had been Chris’s typical style before we met, but being a planner myself I was still getting used to embracing diving into the unknown.

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