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) brief cameo, final orgy scene * Christine Baer * Claude Janna in the pigsty orgy scene * Erika Cool in final orgy scene * Marl?

ne Oury * Michele Grubert hotel maid and dream sequence, non-sex * Micky Love plays a dinner guest * Nathalie Morin plays a masseuse * Nicole Velna in final orgy scene * Rachel Montand * Samantha (possibly Jacques Gateau's wife?

) * Siegried Cellier plays Alette (sounds like) * V? Bastareaud (the black midget) plays Balthasar * Jacques Gatteau plays a photographer * Carmelo Petix appears in the pigsty orgy scene * Hubert G?

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Camtocam sex roulette

On a trip to Monte Carlo, Veronique is gradually enticed away from roulette to sex and finally demands that the roulette players gang bang her on the roulette table at a private game.

Meanwhile Balthasar finds the (very large) girl of his dreams at the same party.

***************************************** My notes A film full of surprises, not least of which was that I spotted Brigitte Lahaie in the final orgy.

She appears for all of three seconds, in a cameo worthy of Hitchcock.

Brigitte is uncredited and not listed at any of the databases. Much of the film was shot in and around Monte Carlo, with spectacular scenery and breathtaking views.

The cinematography is impressive and very creative.

One of the most erotic scenes is shot in a room lit by hundreds of candles, and the camerawork is excellent despite the soft lighting.

In German, no subtitles Dedicated to fellow fans of V? Another wacky film by director Alan Vydra, this is one I had been seeking for a long time.

Monte Carlo * Sex Roulette (US title, subtitled 'game of pleasure') My own rip from the Tabu-Love DVD.


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