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Credit cards on the web sites have become just about as ubiquitous as sign-in forms.One of my favorite moments in computer science was learning the algorithm for determining a valid credit card number.

The check digit serves the purpose of ensuring that the identifier will by equally divisible by 10.

This can be written in Java Script as follows: = 0){ //get the next digit num = parse Int(At(i), 10); //if it's not a valid number, abort if (is Na N(num)){ return false; } //if it's an alternate number...

if (alt) { num *= 2; if (num as its argument and returns a Boolean value indicating if the number it represents is valid.

The format for such identifiers is made up of three parts: Identifiers of this format can be between 13 and 19 digits long and used for any number of purposes, though most people deal strictly with credit card numbers.

Hans Peter Luhn, a scientist at IBM, developed Luhn algorithm to protect against unintentional mistakes in numeric identifiers (it is not a secure algorithm).

This algorithm is the basis for magnetic strip identification cards, such as credit cards, as defined in ISO/IEC 7812.Luhn algorithm itself is quite simple and straightforward.Starting at the last digit in the identifier (the check digit), double every other digit’s value.If any of the doubled digits are greater than nine, then the number is divided by 10 and the remainder is added to one.This value is added together with the appropriate values for every other digit to get a sum.If this sum can be equally divisible by 10, then the number is valid.


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