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It's caused by sprintf's inability to handle null pointers in those systems.

Solution: Apply the following patch to ~ns-2/trace.cc: object.cc: In method `void Ns Object::delay_bind_init_all()': object.cc:60: warning: implicit declaration of function `int delay_bind_init_one(...)' object.cc: In method `int Ns Object::delay_bind_dispatch(const char *, const char *)': object.cc:67: warning: implicit declaration of function `int DELAY_BIND_DISPATCH(...)' object.cc:67: `delay_bind' undeclared (first use this function) ns: _o3 run-mcast: invalid command name "0" while executing "[$link set ifacein_] set intf_label_" (procedure "_o10" line 3) (Node get-oif line 3) invoked from within "$self get-oif $link" (procedure "_o10" line 5) (Node init-out Link line 5) invoked from within "$node init-out Link" (procedure "_o3" line 5) (Simulator run-mcast line 5) invoked from within "_o3 run-mcast" c++ -c -I.

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-I../tclcl-1.0b5 -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/include/tcl -I/usr/include/tcl -o random.o rand random.cc: In function `int random()': random.cc:50: new declaration `int random()' /usr/include/stdlib.h:198: ambiguates old declaration `long int random()' make: *** [random.o] Error 1 Solution: There seems to be differences in Linux definitions of random.

The Right Thing is to have autoconf detect the type of random, but (since I've not done that before) that's low on the priority list right now (code contributions are welcome, of course---it should be easy to do this in autoconf).

IMPORTANT: If you experience problem when building a ns daily snapshot, you probably want to update your otcl and tclcl to the most current snapshot as well.

Sometimes changes in ns will REQUIRE an updated tclcl.

If you are using nam with ns snapshot, it is recommended that you update nam together with ns because ns may provide new visualization features which requires an updated nam.Categories of problems on this page: Problem: namtrace-all causes segmentation fault on Linux and Solaris 2.6. The below page will be maintained for reference to older versions.This section will hold installation problems we've heard about and possible fixes for them between releases.In general, these are fixes for ns/otcl/tclcl installation problems.For Tcl/Tk-8.0 installation problems refer to Tcl/Tk installation info page.

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