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Was fortunate enough to be given a trade as a carpenter.Left Australia at 17 and moved to Denmark where i started my first building company.From then until now, i have worked and owned many different businesses.

Glenn 35 from London is our Rich Man of the Month for March.

He is a much admired man who against all odds became a successful business man and created much wealth.

Find out what this inspiring rich guy has to say about himself …. Im well travelled and have done more in 34 years than most have in their entire lives.

Was in a boys home from the age of 10 and left when i was 14.

Im self motivated, driven and am always looking for new challenges.”Im hoping to meet someone who can except and enjoy my busy life, who is down to earth, knows who they are and be up for random fun and enjoys going against the norm.

My real passions are skydiving, scooba diving, riding motorbikes and rallys aka (gumball 3000, rico’s rally this year to monte carlo).I’m an open book, loyal, honest and straight to the point.Actress Eva Longoria has been romantically connected to a wealthy Mexican businessman, just days after dismissing rumors she had reunited with her ex-boyfriend Eduardo Cruz.Longoria was said to have enjoyed a New York lunch date with Penelope Cruz's brother last week, but she denied the report, telling her followers, "Sorry this is just not true."It has now emerged that Longoria was actually dining with her new man, but she wishes to keep his identity away from the public eye.A source tells that the star has been dating "a wealthy, successful businessman from Mexico", adding, "She's very happy, and he's crazy about her."Longoria and Cruz had been on/off lovers since the end of her marriage to sportsman Tony Parker in 2011.She went on to date businessman Ernesto Arguello, but that romance fizzled out this spring.


  1. Composer duo Vishal-Shekhar who were also mentors on the show, became his real life mentors and eventually offered him his debut playback song, Wallah Re Wallah in Tees Maar Khan (2010), released a day before the show ended.

  2. They are removed by erosion and deposited elsewhere as layers, which thicken over time and, as the weight and pressure increases, they are eventually compressed and lithified to form sedimentary rock.

  3. However, he reassured her that this was something good, something he wanted to do. She’s proud of how far he’s come and understands his reason for going forward, protecting Royalty. As Hollywood previously reported, Rihanna wishes Chris were the man that he is today when they were dating.

  4. Model 1987, four inputs, 50 watts, non master volume. Good amp, loud as hell, I need the money for a hiwatt on layaway. If local then i'm looking for 0 straight up or 0 shipped.

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