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In addition, and being very direct here, when it comes to guys: if they have sex with you, if they see you on a regular basis and if they introduce you to their friends, as far as they are concerned, the issue is closed. And if they did not bring up the subject of 'let's be boyfriend and girlfriend' that means just that.

" Expect the confusion and then perhaps asking you to be his girlfriend or mumbling something along the lines "I thought the feelings were mutual".

That's a signal to jump in and to be his savior and perhaps a hug and something along the lines "Of course, I love that, just would love to hear it from you first" Kisses and smooches are a must.

If you are not sure about the guy, or perhaps the guy doesn't call you his girl, girlfriend or introduces you to his parents. Yes, you can still work on the relationship, but there is a fine line or a danger zone when working out how much exactly you are prepared to invest into him?

The best way to approach the situation is to be straight forward. Do you really like the guy or are you more 'lets see where it takes us'?

Because if that's how you feel, that's what the guy reacts to.

He does not acknowledge that, he just senses that something isn't quite right, or he guesses that perhaps you are not that into him. If you are 100% head over heels with him and he still hasn't made a move, then it's time to start reading the signs. Has he expressed an interest in meeting your folks? Once they are ready to be with you, they want to meet your parents.) Does he introduce you to his friends as his girlfriend?If yes, you can rest your case, or just to re-confirm the obvious ask him: "Darling you called me your girlfriend in front of your friends, wouldn't you like to ask me first?There are many tricks I can share with both my female and male clients on how to get 'The One'.It's not that difficult, believe me, given that you have the right tools and an expert's advice.What is challenging though, is to sustain the excitement and romance of the initial dating period, once you are in that 'where is it going? And then of course dealing with that odd period of 'what are we, are we a girlfriend and a boyfriend'?Given that more often than not, guys are 'happy just to be', and girls are really up for the 'girlfriend' and 'boyfriend' tag to be attached, that shadowy period or the time when the decision is being made... Equally popping the question and asking us to be their girlfriend can be very painful to guys.


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