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While most kids will opt enrolling in summer classes, most kids would just slack off – playing their game consoles, online games, and watching tons of cartoon at home.

This may be caused by lower brain functions during summer break.

It’s like a bicycle that broke down because it was kept in the garage for a long time.

To keep it in tip-top shape, it needs continuous use.

A great way to prevent this from happening is by engaging your children in summer activities.

Here are some ways to keep kids’ minds active Camping Aside from camping being fun, there are a number of things kids can learn at camp.

They can learn a lot by simple exploring, studying, and naming plants and flowers.

They can bring books to camp and learn on the go, or they can also just take pictures for review at home.

10 Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Children If you want to be sure that your child eat healthy foods you need to pay attention to a number of facts.

We will introduce you to 10 choices that are not always the best, and their 10 healthy opposites. It’s vivid and divine, yet that truly means it’s loaded with void calories and food coloring.

It’s not something that should be included in everyday breakfast.

Healthier Choice: Continue reading Summertime’s near! This only means children will be on summer break in no time.

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