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Not having stayed in one place for too long, she muses about the Arts and has an astronomical appetite for, well, food.When not day-dreaming, Navni likes to spend her time reading, writing blog posts for herself, shopping online, mollycoddling her labrador, discovering all there is to eat and drink in the city and trying to bake the perfect cake.WHY WOULD I USE A MATCHMAKING SERVICE WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY DATING WEBSITES AND APPS NOW?

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Urvee is the editor of Little Black Book, Delhi and Gurgaon.

She likes to travel the world in her head, and eats anything unhealthy.

You'll always find a can of Coke Zero in her hand, and maybe a glass of Sangria in the other.

Better Butter,in is a cool new recipe site {plus Android app} where you can find thousands of easy-to-make regional Indian recipes as well as recipes from across the world.

You can find recipes by celebrity chefs, home cooks and India's top restaurants.

What's even better, is that you can share your own recipes too.

A full time enthusiast of the 'gram', Kasturi paints and writes on her eponymous blog.

She's looking to establish herself in a stable job despite her impending and current existential quarter life crisis.

Firstly, we meet everyone face to face, so there is no adding a couple of inches to your height or using photos that are 10 years out of date here. Everyone in the Little Black Book is looking for love, that certainly can't be claimed by online dating.


  1. Unless we are rebelling against God, we can be sure that He is not punishing us through our singleness and that He is very likely bringing the right man or woman our way…eventually!

  2. However, one particularity of the human species is that pair bonds are often formed without necessarily having the intention of reproduction.

  3. President & Chief Executive Officer Gregg Mollins calls himself a “field man”: he relishes meeting, interacting with, and – now, with 39 years’ experience – mentoring the people whose hard work and dedication make Reliance what it is.

  4. Additionally to build expertise with in the Clients Quality assurance team, Scalar USA ensured that employees were assigned and were actively working on the automation effort.

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