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You can take the Arduino microcontroller from the robot, put it on prototyping board and start to program it, playing with LEDs, DC motors, and sensors.Sumo Boy was created by a team of robotics enthusiasts who are building robots and engaging in tournaments for more than 10 years.Our team has won all the major competitions all over the world (Europe, USA, Japan, etc.) and Sumo Boy serves as a next big step in our dedication to make robot sumo competitions more popular and the robots – more available and affordable.

Most of the robot parts are made by Robot Nest team.

Rest of them are being designed and outsourced strictly by our specifications.

Wheels, silicon tyres, armor plates, frontal blade, base plate and wheel discs are all made by our own hands We have been building robots and coding for almost 10 years.

Sumo Boy can be used also for educational purposes.

We have made a special set, which helps to learn the basics of C and C++ languages of electronics and programming.

It consists of the robot, mounting plates, engines, sensors, light diodes and other electronic parts that are necessary for the learning process.

Therefore this set can be as well used in schools and electronics clubs.

Sumo Boy is a professional fight robot, made in accordance to international Mini Sumo robot competition rules and ready for real tournaments.

It can be customized and programmed for changing tactics in arena.

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