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An arrest warrant states a witness heard the woman screaming.

- A jury found a man guilty Wednesday for killing a 28-year-old man over a video game system.

Nathaniel Vivian was convicted of killing, of Sandy Springs, nearly two years ago.

He was found not guilty of malice murder, but guilty of felony murder, armed robbery and several other charges. Vivian’s girlfriend already pleaded guilty in this case.

The suspects were already in the Bexar County Detention Detention Center in connection with her killing. Ronald Jacobs, 32, and Christopher Kine, 36, were facing a charge of arson.

Now, they face charges of murder, engaging in organized crime and tampering with evidence.

was also arrested in the May 11 Wilson County murder about two weeks after it happened.

The three are accused of killing 25-year-old Edens at the home of Jacobs.

He is currently serving two life sentences on each count. Had the Drake Diner murders happened days later, he couldn't be resentenced.

Family members of the victims spoke at the hearing. My brother died because of a waste of a human being.

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