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And, of course, it gave us the immortal line, “Working double-time on the seduction line.” RS Perhaps the most famous Aerosmith song, Love in an Elevator came nearly two decades into their career, and despite their fame it’s still a tale of a hard-working joe who gets lucky in the lift of a department store with a woman who wants to show him “how to fax” (this is 1989, after all).

“Living it up when I’m going down” may be the most memorable refrain, but the song would be nothing without it’s beery call-and-response verse or rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford’s thrusting arpeggios.

PMac Listen on Spotify A lilting lovers rock beat and gentle instrumentation housed the introduction of Britain’s first cool female pop star in an age.

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” Revenge is sweet and the ex is left a crumpled mess by the chorus and a witty bit of feminine karma. “It makes me smile.” PF Listen on Spotify One of the standout tracks of their debut album Whatever You Say I Am, I’m Not, When The Sun Goes Down showcases Alex Turner’s great skill at scene setting and neat wordplay.

Sounding old beyond his years, he observes the red light district of his native Sheffield, pondering “who’s that girl there?

/ I wonder what went wrong /So that she had to walk the streets/ She doesn’t do major credit cards/ I doubt she does receipts”.

A man will cure the literal and metaphorical darkness but how, when she never leaves the house?

Meanwhile, the disco beats and melodramatic melodies just add to the sense of pent-up frustration.

GM Listen on Spotify Aussie rockers AC/DC have their fair share of sleazy songs, whether it’s the band’s homage to a plus-size lover in Whole Lotta Rosie or the sniggering metaphor of Big Balls.But You Shook Me ..., with its 80s power riffs and endless boasting about all-night prowess, remains the band’s definitive anthem, managing to capture Brian Johnson at both his most juvenile and jubilant.Forget drugs and rock'n'roll, sex has long been the primal driving force behind most popular music.Within our list there's kinky sex, revengeful sex, regrettable sex, great sex and even a little disappointing sex. In which case go to our music blog to tell us which songs you think we should have included A futuristic slice of R&B perfection from the production desk of Timbaland, who created an electronic storm for Aaliyah to glide through.The late singer, extending what might have been a dangerous invitation in a world full of stalkers, encouraged unsuccessful suitors to make like Robert the Bruce and not give up just because she won’t put out on the first date.Combining innocence, honesty and sensuality, it was released early in 2000, making it one of the century’s first records. SY Listen on Spotify The finest example of Abba’s talent for pairing happy music with miserable words, A Man After Midnight is sung with girl-group gusto by Agnetha Fältskog, who is going through a chronic dry spell and spends every night alone in her room, “depressed to see the gloom”.

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