Black and white teen dating newest dating

The point is, I'm more than the color of my skin, and what's wrong with black girls anyway? All of us have been in the exact same situation you have.

Your letter brought back memories, not just for me, but from all of us at Racialicious. That heady, scary feeling of having a crush on someone is hard enough to deal with.

As a group of men and women who are multiracial, Black, Latino, and Asian, we all could relate to your letter for two reasons:1. The idea that your race – something you have no control over – could determine if this person likes you or not is almost unbearable.

For the most part, I'm treated like everyone else.

But when it comes to dating and someone asks, "What do you think of Jackie?

" People either respond nicely or say "I'm not really into black girls."This comes across to me as extremely unfair.

I have a great personality, I get good grades, I try my best to be nice to everyone.

Maybe he's afraid that a cute biracial girl won't be into white guys!

Of course, it could always play out where he doesn't like you for a non-race related reason, which sucks.

Or he could believe in the stereotypes and reject you for no good reason at all.

I'm glad your parents worked so hard to create an environment where you felt comfortable being yourself.

Unfortunately, everyone isn't like that – bigotry and racism are still very much in effect, and as long as people are willing to believe in stereotypes and not individuals, we will be stuck in the same situation. So putting the huge part of race in society aside, let's focus on something equally as important: how race impacts your dating life.

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