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I often feel like I’m just spinning my wheels in the daily grind: Get up, shower, eat, go to work, come home, eat, go to sleep. In God’s eyes, the rule is: You saw it, you fix it. If you recognize a problem – whether it be a piece of litter on the street or a major social issue that needs adjusting – you shouldn’t just say “someone else will deal with it.” There is nobody else. What it does mean is that we must take responsibility for any problem in the world.

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We all yearn for immortality – yet how do we achieve that? As the Torah says: God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden – “to work it and to protect it” (Genesis ).

To get started, imagine this: Someone has nominated you for the Nobel Peace Prize for services to mankind. You are to present yourself to the awards committee and report what you plan to do with the money if you win. In 1298, the Jews of Bischofsheim, Germany were massacred by Rindfleisch troops.

Rindfleisch was a German knight who was unable to repay a loan to the Jewish community, so he concocted a slander and claimed to have received a mission from heaven to exterminate "the accursed race of the Jews." Rindfleisch stirred up a mob, and his band of his (Jew-slaughterers) marched through Austria and Germany, from city to city, pillaging, burning, and murdering Jews along the way (except those who accepted Christianity).

He trained illiterate Afghan refugees how to be medics – how to extract bullets, splint broken bones, treat the dozen most common diseases, etc.

Then he sent them back across the border into Afghanistan.

That was the only medical care available in Afghanistan during the entire time the Russians were there. Immortality is achieved by connecting ourselves to the global body of humanity.

Imagine the pleasure of being able to look back at that achievement as your own. To treat the planet as a sacred trust, to preserve for future generations.

Consider the following true story: In the 1980s when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan there was a doctor named Robert Simon who was the head of the trauma medical center at UCLA.

Simon said to himself, "I wonder who's providing medical care to the refugees inside Afghanistan?

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