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Herrn Studienrat Otto Schlau Adlerstraße 1587645 Schwangau Frau Dr.

Being familiar with some of the conventions of German letter-writing will also be useful when you receive letters in German or English from German native-speakers.

If you are writing on plain paper, you should either put your name and address at the top left and the date on the right, or put the address on the right with the date underneath.

A letterhead is usually positioned in the middle, in which case you can put the date on the right-hand side beneath it.

Write your name without title; on the next line comes the street followed by the house number; then comes the postcode (die Postleitzahl) followed by the name of the town. Gabi Müller Clemensstraße 8182765 München Always put the recipient's address on the left-hand side of the page.

Leave a few line spaces between it and your address.

The addressed person's title appears on the first line, in the accusative.

Herrn (Mr)Frau (Mrs/ Ms)Familie (Family)Rank and professional titles (Major, Professor, Studienrätin, etc.) are usually included on this line.

Herrn Professor Frau Studienrätin Exceptions to this rule are the abbreviations Dr. Ing (Diplomingenieur), which go with the name on the second line.

On line two, write the recipient's first name (if you know it), followed by the surname.

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