Aum atichart aff taksaorn are dating

Ce couple est tres appreci que ce couple qu'il existe une communaut de fans pour ce couple avec un aussi un forum.(Un peu a la maniere de Kevin & Niki).^^.

aum atichart aff taksaorn are dating-50

Apparently you’re a 3rd hand in the relationship between Aff and “Officer Oor”, is that true?

“That day I went to a concert for Honda and Aff went as well because my sister’s boyfriend sister opened up a booth there.

; RTGS: Thaksa-on Phaksukcharoen) is a Thai actress and model who has starred in several lakorns.

She is known for her roles in the 2008 version of Jam Loey Rak as well as the title character in Wanida (2010), which won best Foreign Series at the International Drama Festival in Tokyo.

• He enjoy sports, read books, listen to music and look after his dog.

• First breaktrhough role was in Tarn Chai Nai Sai Moug, Thai TV3 boardcasting. Ateam, a nickname for the beloved onscreen pair “Aum” Atichart and “Aff” Taksaorn, has reunited for their fourth lakorn installment titled Roy Mai (Silk Trace), where they gifted the fans with a tale of two forbidden love: one of a teacher (Rerin) and a restaurant owner (Suriya) that unequivocally tied to another tale of their past life, a princess (Maneerin) and prince (Siriwong) some 70 years ago.Voici un couple thailandais que j'apprecie beaucoup.Ce couple me fait pens au couple cantonais Kevin Cheng & Niki Chow Jouent dans trois dramas ensemble,rumeur de couple entre tout les deux.Tout les deux sont en couple meme si une rumeur a refait surface que la petite amie de Aum se soit separ de lui par rapport qu'il pense a Aff. Assez proche pendant les promos,rigolade sur les tournages et egalement sont tres proches.Ce couple a une alchimie entre eux dans Jam Loey Rak & Botan puis un drama en cours de tournage.


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